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Nearly 50 years of experience have shown us that children ages 6 and older are best equipped to focus and advance through GFTKD’s curriculum in a timely fashion.  Indicators of a child’s readiness include a solid 20 minute attention span and a good command of left and right.  Keep in mind, we never discourage any child from trying a class or two to help determine if s/he is prepared to begin.  There is no upper age limit for practicing Tae Kwon Do!  GFTKD’s adult students range in age from 21 to well into our 50’s, 60’s and 70’s!

Glens Falls Tae Kwon Do students are welcome at 26 class opportunities per week; nearly double what other facilities offer!  It is recommended students attend 3-4 classes per week, keeping in mind students may stay for 2 classes in a row, thus minimizing trips to the building.  Red belts and higher enjoy two additional classes per week geared expressly for their ranks.

YES!  We believe so!  Tae Kwon Do provides its practitioners life-long fitness, practical self-defense, improved balance and flexibility, focus, peace of mind, a general sense of well-being, a code of ethics to help manage life’s challenges and so much more.

Students never sign a contract to enroll, and GFTKD’s regular tuition rates are significantly less than nearly all other martial arts facilities.  Each student begins under the auspices of an introductory month special with a new uniform and unlimited classes included.  Customers agree this is an excellent and affordable way to determine if Tae Kwon Do will figure prominently in their future.  In addition, GFTKD offers family rates and reduced promotion fees when multiple family members study together.

Here at GFTKD, it takes between 3 and 4 years to reach black belt level.  The curriculum is extensive and comprehensive, and by the time a student tests for black, s/he will have mastered material equivalent to a college bachelor’s degree.

It is said earning one’s black belt is just the beginning of one’s Tae Kwon Do journey. GFTKD offers a rigorous curriculum to students pursuing 2nd, 3rd and 4th degree levels and beyond.

GFTKD offers year-round open enrollment.  You may begin your TKD experience here whenever it works best for you.

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